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Hour Funeral Aid Helios

Thanks to affordable , fast and expeditious organization , honesty and professionalism in funeral work , now Funeral Aid Helios is one of the most prosperous in Bulgaria !
Funeral Agency Aid Helios is one of the smallest has a large and modern office located sesreshtu Central Sofia Cemetery .
  Here you can settle all types of debit and credit cards !
The Agency works with highly qualified staff ! Our staff are extremely attentive to you and your needs ! Relate with due respect and dignity to you and your loved one !
We have our own freezer , funeral goods shop , flower shop , funeral wreaths and bouquets specialized transportation in the country and abroad.
Funerals , cremations and memorials PAYMENT can be found only here !


In the most difficult moment for everyone, we strive to be above all people , and help to reduce support and carry the weight of sorrow that every family experiences .
Funeral and burial activities are carried out according to the traditions and religion , subject to legal requirements and moral- ethical norms.
Call us! Our team will visit you and provide the necessary information and will make an overall organization of dignified send the closest person !
During the years of work we are continuously expanding their capabilities and offer a complete service of the grieving process , quality buried services and high professionalism.

24 hours a day ! Without a day off
Funeral ' Aid Helios "