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1. Death notice found a doctor / If you do not recall your doctor Agency has any /

2 . Permit cremation

3 . If your close dies in hospital message and Cremation slip issued by the attending physician in the appropriate ward .

4 . Identity card or passport of the deceased.

Laying in an old urn burial site or niche following documents are required :

1. Receipt for paid or urn burial site tape

2 . Document proving the relationship with the first died and now deceased - / inheritance certificate , marriage certificate ,
birth , baptismal , certificate of kinship or marital /

3 . If the deceased is not a direct successor to the agreement of all the heirs to the declaration form of technical service .


1.What is a cremation ?

Cremation of the bodies of the deceased takes place in modern New cremation ovens in the crematorium in Sofia. To perform the cremation , the body must be in a wooden coffin and it should not have metal parts , objects and materials. Combustion process in the furnace is fully automated and does not allow entry of more than one coffin. The temperature at which the burning body is 800 ° -1000 ° C. The average length of a cremation is about 70 minutes. After completion of the combustion process , the bones were cooled , ground and the powder was sealed in a box.

2.Koga is cremation ?

Cremation takes place no later than 48 hours after ingestion of the deceased to the crematorium , and provided that they are received and processed the necessary documents for her