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One of the most undesirable things in our lives is death. And therefore every fear and experiencing unpleasant feelings when it comes to that , to organize a funeral. Even more difficult when it is one of our dear and beloved man.
What is important to know the organization of the funeral in Sofia.


1. You must have a death notice - it is issued by a GP who has found death at home or in hospital if it had occurred there . If you do not respond GP Funeral Agency " Aid - HELIOS " A Doctor ! / IMPORTANT - within 48 hours of its issuance must be drawn death certificate . Otherwise , in case of delay subject to penalty and must be fought lawsuit to be drawn up this document and only then can perform funeral /
2 . Based on the issued message ID or / passport / declaration form is issued death certificate , which is the official dokumetn .
3 . It should be clear where the funeral will be - in the old or new grave. New graves are granted
free for eight years only in the cemetery Malashevtsi / to 2014 / and not need them unless such other documents showing that the deceased was a resident of Sofia . If you have an old family grave , the deceased can be buried in it if it is a direct successor of that against which the burial place / must appear on the certificate for its successors / . If not, it shall require the written consent of all heirs.
4 . Once you have completed the documentary things should choose funeral goods - Kivcheg , Cross, draping , flowers, wreath , funeral service and civic ritual , etc. depending on religion and ethnicity .

If all this is seen complicated, you can always trust the Funeral Agency " Aid - HELIOS "