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Our people are used to send the deceased to the funeral service performed by a priest . What you need to know about preparing it ?

The body of the deceased as a symbol washes that before Easter he should stand clean before God's face. Purified the body of Christ according to St. John Chrysostom was cleansed with water after removing it from the cross. In a sign of renewal of the deceased after the Resurrection possible he dressed in new clothes ( 1 Cor 15:53 ) .

Deceased bishop dressed in full garb and on his chest is the Gospel . In the coffin is a complex face up , eyes closed, mouth and hands , put a cross on his chest as a sign of faith in the crucified Christ. By posledovanieto Opel over the deceased pontiff read Psalm , like the ancient Christians sang psalms of David the Psalmist . Home and in the temple , and wearing , the deceased is facing the east, symbol of the expected Second Coming of Christ . Lighting candles means that the deceased passed from this world of darkness eternal dwelling of light.

Deacon dead dressed in alb . Above it is a white tablecloth fabric , which means that given at baptism white robe is preserved , like Christ, wrapped in white cloth and shroud . On his chest is a cross and icon.

Old tradition is at the coffin with the dead have lit candles, and on his chest is an icon , and can cross. Somewhere buried in a shroud covering called Savannah ( long white fabric with the image of Christ's funeral ) . In some places the practice until the arrival of the priest home sound mechanical church funeral music. Before the dead to be raised out of the house , the priest performed a brief funeral prayer (called trisagi ) . During the prayer, the relatives of the deceased should be near the coffin.

In the temple is performed funeral . All attendees kept their right hands lit candles in memory of the deceased. When he sang " Vechnaya Pamjat " all kneel . Do not kneel from Easter to Ascension ( Ascension ) . Before laying the grave of the deceased poured Eleq of lamp which lit home to the removal of the dead man. Also long tradition is to throw dirt on the coffin to the grave with the words " God rest his soul rest his soul ." Forgiveness of relatives of the deceased takes place in the home or in the church.